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Welcome to the website of Mobile Orthopedic Center
The information included on this website is intended to help sufferers of spine-related pain determine, with their doctors, the best course of treatment for their pain. At Mobile Orthopedic Center, we believe that the best patient is an informed patient. An informed patient is a patient who has researched the various treatment options pertinent to his or her condition to the extent that he or she can be involved in the decision process.

At Mobile Orthopedic Center, we emphasize alternative surgical treatments for spine-related pain. We often assist patients who have been told by other physicians that there are no surgical treatments pertinent to their particular pathologies. We offer surgical options that are less invasive than many of the more commonly offered surgical procedures. We emphasize diagnostic procedures which go beyond the diagnostic tests offered by many physicians. If you are interested in learning more about these and other matters pertaining to spine-related pain, please visit our articles page.